Darling Company

Web Design & Neuromarketing Agency USA
Image Maintenance — personal branding, corporate branding, market research, aesthetic design.

Authority & Strategic Positioning — SEO, social media optimization, PR, blogging, and copywriting.


Our agency specializes in personal branding, brand marketing, and consumer seduction. Through implementing various neuromarketing strategies that work with consumer biases, we bring dreams to life. Our team is based in Miami, and we merge seduction & marketing tactics to attract thousands of consumers to local and national websites each month.


Our neuromarketing efforts are based on numerous cognitive biases observed in human interaction. Our website development & marketing campaigns focus on 2 primary biases:

Authority bias: This is the user’s tendency to weigh the opinion of an authority figure more heavily. Our efforts to generate positive feedback with this bias involve: strategic copywriting, authority link building, and obtaining press features/mentions.

Framing effect: This describes the user’s tendency to be influenced in their decisions by the way a proposition is framed. We dive deep into market research and determine the user’s mindset, goals, and priorities. Then we employ strategic copywriting & relatable branding to achieve this effect.

In the few brief months I have known Lexi, she helped us grow and scale super fast.

Smart, knowledgeable, you don’t have to explain 10 times the same thing to get the job done. You have not even finished expressing what you intend to do that she gets it and comes with a solution and believe me, not a plain vanilla solution but always something out of the ordinary.

She is always looking ways to make improvements and satisfy whoever she is working with.

Partners & Work Experience

  • 75%
We acquired 230 new patients ($806,000 in sales) for MIA Aesthetics plastic surgery center in Miami. We also created a system for the clinic’s employees to use to increase productivity, employee engagement, and compliance. Highlights: 15% conversion increase in 72 days.

PSL Health Website

  • 85%
A CBD & alternative medicine supplier based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The following results were achieved with brand strategy marketing, & various SEO campaigns.

Vape Pen Starter Kit

  • 65%
We began SEO on this e-commerce site in January 2016. At 6 months exactly, the site traffic had a massive increase. Within 1.5 years, the site gained over 16,000 unique visitors each month. If this was a cosmetic dentist, with an average client LTV of $10,000 & conversion rate of 5%... he would've gone from getting 2-3 clients a day to getting 17-18 clients per day - the difference between making $600k or $5.1M illustrating the power of SEO.


Noteworthy Facts & Numbers

“Diving Deep with Doctors” Interview Series - Picked up by Roku TV 2019
38% average client email campaign open rate - 2018
$806,000 in plastic surgery sales in 72 days - 2017
16,000 recurring monthly visitors to Vaping Website in 1.5 years - 2016


2018 Female Disruptor (
2018 Thrive Global’s “Limit Breaking Female Founders” List
2018 Featured in Voyage MIA Magazine’s “Most Inspiring Stories”
2018 “Women in Business” panelist - WeWork
2013 The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Award (Zonta International)

About Our Founder

Lexi Montgomery has been passionate about creating brand "experiences" and improving conversion since she was a little girl. She enjoyed the process of selling the most girl scout cookies, church or dance fundraisers, and eventually her own products. But it wasn't the actual sale that lit her fire, it was the process of learning what makes people "pull the trigger." Today, she is the founder of The Darling Company, an intimate digital agency that specializes in seduction. Darling has been featured in numerous media outlets including the Huffington Post, Associated Press, Bustle, NYT, among others.

Lexi Montgomery founded Darling Miami LLC alongside her husband Brad, in 2017. As an actress, she worked behind the scenes for some of the most successful brands today. Spending many hours on Hollywood sets with companies like McDonald’s, Chevy, and Title Max – and with artists like Kayne West and John Singleton, she developed a keen eye for seductive branding tactics. Today, coupled with Brad’s computer science background at Boeing & his digital marketing experience with companies like VaporFi - the two dive deep into neuromarketing, creating hands-off solutions for business owners. Lexi serves as the creative director for Darling, while Brad head's SEO and digital strategy. They’ve sold millions of dollars in products & services, and enjoy traveling, and researching history & science in their free time.